Year 9 Rewards Trip - New Forest Water Park

Year 9 recently went on their End of Year Reward Trip to the Water Park which was a lot of fun! Students had the opportunity to experience both the amazing inflatable water park and a range of Kayaking and Paddle boarding. All students have worked towards their place on the trip by demonstrating a good approach to learning and maintaining a good attendance. Students were on the water park for an hour and several of them fell in at least once! There were many obstacles to get across and some particularly challenging sections of the inflatable course.

Students were out Kayaking and Paddle boarding either before or after the water park and enjoyed having a paddle about in the lake watching on. We were very lucky with the weather and the sun came out and stayed with us the whole day! It was a great trip and students had a fantastic time. We aim to get more students on the Rewards trip next academic year.

Created 19/07/17