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Welcome to DukeBox Radio

DukeBox is the official radio station of the Wellington family of schools, connecting students across the UK and our schools in China. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the output consists of music and chat shows, movie reviews, documentaries, interviews, revision sessions and more! All created by the students and teachers themselves.

Listen Live!

You can stream us live via our free download app, available on iOS and android, or you can visit our website www.dukeboxradio.com.

Catch Up On Demand via Mixcloud

Broadcasts are now available on a ‘Catch Up’ service provided through ‘Mixcloud’. Some of our weekly broadcasts and specials will be available to listen to through this service. Anyone can now listen to shows produced by our students from anywhere in the world, via the website or mixcloud app which is available on iOS and Android.

Shows by DukeBox Radio on Mixcloud

Above you will find the latest broadcast that was uploaded. All you have to do is press play to listen. Click on ‘Up Next’ to be presented with a library of broadcasts. You can also visit Mixcloud directly and sign up for an account. We encourage you to do this and then follow our page so that you will be notified of any new content. We hope you enjoy listening.