Knowledge Organisers

What are Knowledge organisers?

Knowledge organisers are a summary of the key facts and essential knowledge that your child needs to know about the unit of work they are going to study. They are not normally more than two sides of A4 with all the information broken down into easily digestible chunks. This design enables students to memorise the information better. Learning these facts will help them make greater progress with their learning, they are also a great tool for their revision too.


Why do we use Knowledge organisers?

For students to succeed and understand in detail the unit of work they are studying, they must have a solid foundation of factual knowledge. They should be able to understand those facts in the context of the unit of work and most importantly be able to organise the knowledge in their minds so they can retrieve it when required. Knowledge organisers are a proven method of improving students’ long-term memory.


Student tips: How to use your knowledge organiser

  1. Look, cover, write, check
  2. Use Cornell notes visit (87) How to take Cornell notes - YouTube
  3. Quizzing— set yourself a test or list key terms and blank out descriptions, then try writing them down.
  4. Flash cards — key words/terms/images on front descriptions on reverse side.


Parent tips to support your child:

  1. Read through the Knowledge Organiser with your child – if you don’t understand the content then ask them to explain it to you – ‘teaching’ you helps them to reinforce their learning.
  2. Test them regularly on the spellings of key words until they are perfect. Make a note of the ones they get wrong – is there a pattern to the spelling of those words? Get them to make a glossary (list) of key words with definitions or a list of formulae.
  3. Read sections out to them, missing out key words or phrases that they have to fill in. Miss out more and more until they are word perfect.
  4. Get your child to make a blank Knowledge Organiser and fill in all the gaps


Accessing your child’s knowledge organisers

Knowledge Organisers will be given to every student in Year 7, 8 and 9 at the start of each new unit of work usually during the first week of a new half term. They contain the most important information students need to know for each of their subjects.


You can access these for each of their subjects by following the relevant link below:


To view PDF documents you will need Adobe Reader