Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs A Keane-Maher

Executive Head Teacher

Mr R Wood

Senior Deputy Head

Mr E Mather

Deputy Head

Mr J Willcocks

Deputy Head

Mr M Baker

Assistant Headteacher - Assessment & Intervention

Mr R Hopton

Assistant Headteacher - Teaching & Learning

Ms S Middleton

Director of Finance & Operations

Teaching Staff

Mr D Bissington

Head of Sixth Form

Mr J Strand


Mrs R Tuliva

Director of Learning 


Ms J Aley

English Teacher


Mr D Carolan

English Teacher

Ms E Cuthbert

Head of KS3 English


Miss S Francis

English Teacher 


Ms L Loxton

Head of English

Mrs F Nicholson

KS4 Leader - English


Miss C Overfield

English Teacher


Mrs M Rutherford

English Teacher

Ms I Thorne

English & Media Studies Teacher

Miss G Vine

English Teacher

Mr B Allen

Maths Teacher

Mr J Biggs

Maths Teacher & Head of Year 10

Ms J Buckle

Maths Teacher

Mr J Burns

Director of Maths

Miss A Humphries

Maths Teacher & Second in Department

Ms J Noyes

KS2/3 Leader - Maths

Mrs M Burton

Director of Science

Miss G Chappell

Science Teacher 

Miss K Cho

Science Teacher 

Mrs Frere

Subject Leader - Chemistry  & Second in Department

Ms A Garcia Rodriguez

Science Teacher

Mrs K Hearn-Smith

Science Teacher

Ms H James

Science Teacher

Ms M Raymond

Science Teacher

Ms T Van Niekerk

Subject Leader - Biology & Non-Resident Tutor

Mr J Durkan

KS3 Leader - Humanities

Miss K Fiske

Director of Humanities

Mr J Glancy

History Teacher

Ms K Leggatt

Geography Teacher

Mrs T Martin

Humanities Teacher

Miss K Sayer

History Teacher
Business, Enterprise & ICT

Ms J Coombes

Business Teacher

Miss K Fowler

Student Leadership Co-ordinator (Maternity Leave)

Mr A Hughes

Subject Leader - Computer Science
Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs L Bennett

Subject Leader - MFL & Head of Year 7

Miss I Eddy

MFL Teacher

Ms L Simons

French & Spanish Teacher

Mrs R Wales

MFL Teacher
Performing Arts

Ms J Acheson

Performing Arts Teacher 

Ms J Da Silva

Music Teacher

Ms N Graham

Music Teacher

Mrs H Kelly

Performing Arts Teacher & Subject Leader (Shared) (Maternity Leave)

Mr G Juliff

Drama and Performing Arts Teacher
Physical Education

Miss  R Brosnan

PE Teacher & Head of Year 9

Mr J Cooper

PE & Humanities Teacher

Mrs E Lingard

Head of Girls PE & Performing Arts Subject Leader (Shared)

Miss S Norrish

PE Teacher & Head of Year 11

Mr J Tewkesbury

PE Teacher & Head of Year 8

Mr R Woodley

Subject Leader - PE
Technology & Visual Arts

Ms H Cotton

Art & Graphic Design Teacher

Mr J Cowling

Art & Photography Teacher

Mrs K Furnell

Visual Art Teacher

Mr B McFarlane

Professional Cookery Teacher

Pastoral Team


Mr L Bramble

Student Manager

Ms M Davies

Student Manager

Mrs S Hadrick

Student Manager - Year 7 & Non-Resident Tutor

Mrs F Tatlock

Student Manager - KS3

Mrs S Tozer

Student Manager - KS4

Mrs J Rose

Health & Wellbeing Advisor/ Wellbeing & Aspiration Coordinator

Ms B Williams

Senior Welfare & Attendance Officer

Personalised Learning

Ms M Alvarado De Elias Teaching Assistant
 Mrs R Ashcroft Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms D Ashton-Emslie Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Clarke SENDCO Admin Assistant
Mrs N De Brujin Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Encinas Teaching Assistant - MFL
Mrs C Ford Teaching Assistant
Miss K Kliskey Engagement Assistant
Mrs T Pye SEND UQT Teacher
Ms M Radu Enrichment Teacher
Mrs R Robinson Engagement Assistant 
Miss M Turner Inclusion Centre Deputy Manager
Mrs J Wallis Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Watson Student Inclusion & Support Mentor
Mrs M Webb Piano Teacher
Ms S Wilson Enrichment Tutor


Ms V Cosgrove Non-Resident House Parent
Ms M Pethick FCE Tutor
Mr M Price Director of Boarding
Mr J Rennie Day Matron
Ms S Rodriguez Non-Resident Tutor
Mrs S Willis Senior House Parent

Support Staff

Mrs N Ashman HR & Payroll Officer
Mrs M English Community Support Assistant
Mrs V Fawdry Data Manager
Mrs L Forbes Receptionist
Mrs K Fulton Exams Officer
Mr P Henwood Reprographics Technician
Ms S King Admissions & Exams Officer
Mrs S Lambert WIN Project Officer
Mrs M Matthews Digital Marketing Officer
Ms C Mercer Clerk to Governors
Mrs C Moorhouse Librarian
Mr O Olufunwa Business Development Manager & Senior House Parent
Mrs V Pike Sixth Form Admin Assistant & Lead Cover Supervisor
Mrs A Phillips Community Support Assistant
Mrs D Saunders Receptionist
Mrs A Souster Executive Assistant
Mrs N Wilson Head of HR
Ms M Hamblin Careers Manager
Ms K Irvine Catering Assistant
Mrs S Wooler-Turton Unit Manager - Catering
Combined Cadet Force
Mr N Carey Senior Schools Instructor
Mr E Newman CCF Commander
Cover Supervisors
Mr J Atkinson Cover Supervisor
Mrs O Flower Cover Supervisor 
Mrs K Bolton Finance Officer
Mrs S MacLean Finance Manager
Mrs M Ponting Finance ( Purchase Ledger)
Mrs D Riddell Finance Administration Assistant
Mr M Bush IT Network Manager
Mr S Chappell IT Director (Systems)
Mr A Powell Theatre Manager
Mr K Snelling IT Technician & Resident Tutor
Miss C Angel Cleaner
Miss V Angel Cleaner
Mrs C Arnold Cleaner
Ms H Ashton Cleaner
Mr L Bell Minibus Driver
Mrs L Bregiel Cleaner
Ms M Cowshall Cleaner
Mrs D Darman Cleaner
Mrs S Day Cleaner
Mr M Dunn Minibus Driver
Mrs A Ellis-Jenkins Cleaner
Ms J Gibson Cleaner
Mr C Head Caretaker
Mr J Hughes Premises Manager
Mrs S Kincaid Cleaner
Mr D Neil Assistant Caretaker
Mr M Olsen Deputy Premises Manager
Ms M Peckham Cleaner
Ms J Pickernell Cleaner
Mrs S Pike Cleaner
Ms M Pipparinen Cleaner
Mr K Quaintance Minibus Driver
Mrs R Simmonds Cleaning Supervisor
Miss L Williams Cleaner
Sports Centre
Mr C Duff Sports Centre Assistant
Ms J Harris Senior Duty Officer
Mrs S Hollis Assistant Sports Centre Manager & Fitness Consultant
Mr V Jessop Sports Centre Duty Officer
Mr C Smith Sports Centre Assistant
Mrs H Butler Science Technician
Mrs J Faux Food Technician
Mrs J Lord Senior Science Technician
Ms L Norris DT Technician (Food and Textiles)
Miss L Wyatt Art Technician