Statutory Information

The Department for Education require that all school websites contain certain information. To facilitate you finding it, this page provides shortcuts to key information on our website. The Academy is part of the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust.

General Information

Active Headteacher: Mr Steven Paddock

General Academy Enquiries :
or call 01264 405060 and speak with Denise Saunders, Charlotte Smith or Carly Williams on Reception

The Wellington Academy, Tidworth, Wiltshire, SP11 9RR
Telephone: 01264 405060


Admissions arrangements can be found on our Admissions Page


All our Ofsted information can be found on our Ofsted Page.

Exam and Assessment Results

Our exam results can be found on our  Exams Results Page. This includes a link the the Department of Education showing our performance tables.


Full details of our curriculum can be found by selecting the Curriculum tab and selecting the subject. An overview of our curriculum can be found on our Curriculum Overview Page.


Our policies can be found on the sites Policies Page.

 Where you will find our:

Pupil Premium

To find out more about our Pupil Premium allocation please visit our Pupil Premium Page.


Our SEND information can be found on our  SEND Page.

Values and Ethos

Our values and ethos can be found on our About the Academy Page.

British Values

 To view our British values please visit our Brisitish Values and RESPECT Page.


annual report and audited accounts

memorandum of association

articles of association

names of charity trustees and members

Funding Agreement

Executive pay