Senior Diploma

The Senior Diploma builds on the Wellington Diploma launched in Lower School, and has one main objective; to ensure every student has participated in a range of activities that will leave them best placed to embark on their destination of choice. To ensure the integrity of the diploma, local employers have contributed to its development. Through consultation, an essential skills list has been developed that will act as a marking criteria for the evidence required to achieve the diploma; if the student has evidenced all the required skills to an adequate level, they are awarded the Senior Diploma.

There are three key sections of the Senior Diploma:

Developing School Links

It is vital that 6th Form students are role models to other students in the Academy, and also across the Wellington Family, especially in our local cluster of schools in Wiltshire. To this end, the Senior Diploma offers a range of opportunities for 6th Formers to support, mentor and lead students in a range of positive activities.

Personal Development

It is well known that employers are looking for potential recruits who can demonstrate particular skills and aptitudes. In some cases, these qualities are regarded even more highly than exam results so it is essential that we provide as many opportunities as possible for our students to evidence these skills practically.

Professional Development

In an increasingly competitive world, social media has become a lynchpin for recruitment, and a serious opportunity for those seeking work. The ability to construct an effective, social media profile alongside traditional forms of engagement such as CV writing is an essential component of the modern age. Through the Professional Development section of the Senior Diploma, all students will leave the Academy in Year 13 with a well-evidenced, professionally constructed profile that will enable them to access the next stages of their lives with confidence.

In addition to the three distinct sections of the Senior Diploma, there is the option of undertaking an extension project. This may be in the form of the Extended Project Qualification, university essay writing competitions, on-line future-learn courses or being part of Sixth Sense - the 6th Form newsletter. Alternatively, it could be something more active like the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, or joining the Combined Cadet Force.

Students who complete all sections, including the project will pass their Senior Diploma with Distinction.