Raising Aspirations at The Wellington Academy

At the Wellington Academy, one of it’s core values is to raise aspirations of our students. We strongly believe that every student has a dream and it is our role to support and guide them on their journey.  At the Academy each year group has a focus topic, whether it is building on work related skills or informing them on Higher Education and Apprenticeship pathways.  On top of this, every student has the opportunity to say what their Dreams are so we can personalise our guidance to help them achieve their goals.  Throughout the year we have tailor made talks, trips to give to an insight into the world of work, on site Careers advisors, work experience in both Year 10 and Year 12 as well as support beyond Year 13 with the Momentum scheme. (see 6th form tab for more information) 

Meet the team

Camilla Radcliffe: Deputy Head – Raising Aspirations and Partnerships

Maria Hamblin: Careers Manager

Shelly Willis: 6th form Engagement Officer

Sara Lambert: WIN advisor

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Careers Advice

Career Exploration

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Local Labour Market Information Report

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