How to Apply to 6th Form

  • Complete and return an application form
  • Your completed application should be returned to Shelly Willis, Engagement and Development Coordinator.
  • You will have an individual course consultation, during which provisional courses will be agreed.
  • The offer of the course will be conditional upon you meeting the required entry grades, any subject specific criteria and having a suitable reference from your previous school.
  • Your final interview will be held immediately after you have received your GCSE results. This is when your actual offer is negotiated and confirmed.



Tuition is free to all students under 19, although some small charges may be made for trips, materials and workshops.


Students can travel to the Academy on public buses or will be allocated places on school buses where spaces are available. Wiltshire County Council does not subsidise transport costs for 6th Form students but may provide financial assistance to families in receipt of certain benefits.


If you are interested in joining one of our boarding houses please complete an application form from our website. The Academy charges only for board/lodgings. 6th Form students have single en-suite rooms.