Oxford University Visit

Year 11 students had the opportunity to visit specific colleges at Oxford University based on their career aspirations.

The first was the college for Bio-medicine. Students attended a bio-medical science seminar by the course director Robert Wilkins. They learned about the course content and how they can gain a degree in biology or neuroscience as a result depending on whether they chose the psychology route of study or cell & system biology. The new 3 year course involves more maths and physics than previously so an important aspect for triple science students to be aware of.

They learned about BMAT test scores, entry requirements (A levels A*AA and 70% x A*at GCSE), the application process including personal statement and reference. They had the opportunity to see an interview in action and the types of questions they might be asked within the 4 interviews they would be required to attend. They then had the opportunity to tour the biomedical science teaching college.

The second college was computer science where they attended two lectures, the first was on the development of machine learning within the field of Artificial Intelligence and how this is being developed by companies to better target their customers. This explained how Google uses the K-armed bandit theory to match their ad choices to user needs.

The second lecture was about how Computer Science meets with Philosophy and how the two subjects meet within Artificial intelligence (AI), logic, robotics and virtual reality. The lecture also discussed the future value and career choices after studying the two subjects.

There were exhibits of current students’ projects which included work on cyber security for aircraft, the encryption of data to ensure security, development of a game using AI and the use of computational science in medicine. This also gave an opportunity to discuss the courses with currents students and how they had found the application and entry process.

Students highlighted what they had learned in addition:
  • For bio-medical science you have to have two of the following for entry at A level – Maths/Physics/Biology/Chemistry
  • BMAT is a test that reflects how you think and is used alongside your GCSE’s in scoring you
  • I learned about the selection process and the a levels needed and the grades to get in to the course
  • The outline of the bio-medical degree and what I could do with it afterwards
  • I need A*AA at a level for the computer science
  • I need to do well in Maths & Physics
  • I have a better understanding about the grades I need to get
  • I have learned about entry requirements and BMAT
  • I learned about the selection process and UCAS applications

Maria Hamblin – Careers Manager, Sara Lambert – WIN Project Officer and Andy Powell – Theatre Manager attended.