Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

...Wellington College had the lot!

On Saturday 4th Nov - Mr Olufunwa, Miss Crawshay and Mrs Doyle took three minibuses full of boarders to the Bonfire night at Wellington College. On arriving at the College, the boarders were treated to a meal of fish and chips in the grand dining room. Afterwards they were given a tour of Picton House (a boarding house named after one of the Duke of Wellington’s Generals in the battle of Waterloo) by Mr Edwards the Head of Picton. The main event was stunning and attended by 4000 friends of Wellington College. The students enjoyed the various foods, treats and entertainment on offer. The night culminated in a 15 minute firework display.

Lucia (pictured) one of the smallest members of the boarding house still had room after the free meal to eat a hot dog and drink a tasty cup of hot chocolate!