Imperial War Museum Trip

On Friday 10th November Mrs Pye and Mr Strand took a group of year 8s to the Imperial War Museum London. This was to culminate their recent topic in Ethics, and to let them see first-hand what previous generations fought for so that they would have their freedom. The students were very engaged throughout the visit and asked lots of questions even on the journey in when they drove past the Houses of Parliament, a discussion was prompted by a student about the name of the tower and why the bell was not ringing anymore. They were a very inquisitive group!

Riley Vickery and Aston Downey had this to say about their visit;

“Our visit was amazing as firstly we were astonished by the entrance, because of the massive guns then not too far from them was a piece of the berlin wall…

After that we started to head inside of the museum where we were greeted by loads of planes ranging from spitfires to rockets then jets…

The first subject we learnt about was ww1, it was so brutal they mostly used melee and gas, but the Germans was not your worries in the trenches, it was the diseases following back. In the museum they displayed a leather glove which had shrunken because of its exposure to gas, and because the army had little gear, whose ever glove shrunk they would not be replaced. Throughout the ww1 display there was multiple propaganda posters such as :

Would you help your neighbours from a bush fire, why don’t you help us in the war? (this was directed to the Australians)

We could describe the visit more but this is just a small summary as there was so much that we learnt.”

Libby Holland who got quite emotional had this to say;

"The Museum was an AMZAING place. I liked the First World War. The walk through the WW1 was interesting and as we went through the trenches we could see where they would have to go if they was under attack, and we saw this thing where we could move the pole and see what was out in the waste lands..

The least part that I liked is then it was WW2 part because my Grand Father was in WW2 and it made me really sad as I could see what he went through."