So far this year our Boarding Charity Committee has been busier than ever. At the beginning of the year boarders were given the opportunity to sign up to a committee. This year they are working alongside Miss Smith to fundraise and volunteer in our local community and to support wider charities. The committee members are Shauna, Annabel, Marta, Alexia, Lucia and Nana who have been very proactive in fundraising for various good causes and making an impact in our local community.



Luckily, our first charity event included the consumption of yummy doughnut treats. Back in September Morrisons teamed up with Walking with the Wounded, tasking members of the public with an eating challenge #doughnutlickyourlips. The aim of the game was to eat a doughnut without licking your lips. For every video uploaded Morrisons donated £1 to the charity. Miss Smith went out and bought two massive trays of doughnuts and to make the challenge even harder she covered them in cinnamon sugar, sticky treacle sauce and honey. Everyone had a great time and some of the videos were hilarious. We raised a whopping £29.


MacMillan Coffee Morning

The end of September saw the return of Macmillan Coffee Morning which raises money for Cancer Support. To contribute, our Charity Committee baked over seventy-five cupcakes and made a range of delicious chocolate and marshmallow Rice Krispies cakes. These went on sale via our academy houses and the whole event raised a whopping £318.24.


Christmas Boxes

With only twelve weeks to go until Christmas we launched a project that was new to our Charity Committee. Working alongside Andover Food Bank, boarders were tasked with collecting donated items to fill Christmas Gift Boxes which could make a real difference to families in low income households. The boxes were at aimed at boys and girls aged 1 up to 16 and could contain items such as toiletries, sweets, toys, books, hats and scarves. The Charity Committee reached out to the public for support, and boarding parent Steph Shenton, with the help of friends and family, donated over six bags full of items both new and re-used. Along with the £120 raised by our committee, we managed to fill nineteen boxes with goodies. These were delivered to the Food Bank along with fifty-one boxes donated from the Academy students and staff, which we’re very proud of.

To further enrich the Committee students’ experience, Miss Smith arranged for them to participate in the sorting process of the boxes once they were donated. On Tuesday 21st of November Miss Smith, the Charity Committee and eight boarding volunteers spent two and a half hours at Wiltshire College sorting out the Christmas Boxes that had been donated. Along with volunteers from the public we were supporting FSCI which is a charity which collects, sorts and packs thousands of Christmas boxes for young boys, girls, women and men. Last year over 11,700 boxes were processed over the two weeks and these were distributed to orphanages, poor Roma communities, women’s refuges, refugee camps, prisoner’s children, poor rural schools and kindergartens, and isolated elderly and disabled people in Bulgaria and Serbia.

Miss Smith couldn’t be more proud of the boarders as they demonstrated resilience, generosity and teamwork.

Marta said of the experience, “I love it, this is so much fun!”

Laura and Blanca said, “We feel so good supporting a great cause and proud of the people who made the boxes”.

Our Charity Committee is looking to continue this hard work, volunteering and fundraising throughout the year and we can’t wait for next week, where we will be supporting our very own Academy Christmas Fayre. Keep a look on @TWABoarding on Twitter for updates. We’d appreciate a follow.