The safety and well-being of our students at the Wellington Academy is of the highest importance. All forms of bullying, eg. verbal, non-verbal, cyber, are not tolerated.

Staff and students are educated as to what bullying is: intentional, hurtful, repetitive, with someone having power of someone else.

Our range of anti-bullying measures includes:

  • Trained student peer mediators
  • Restorative justice
  • National anti-bullying week competition
  • Well-being curriculum (and anti-bullying alliance resources)
  • Assemblies (and house system)



Parents have a key role to play in supporting our anti-bullying measures. By living the ethos of RESPECT for all outside of school, students will be more able to have positive relationships with their peers in and around school.

Our community works hard to promote and restore positive relationships. We appreciate and thank all our parents for their continued support, and urge any contact to be made to the tutor in the first instance regarding any possible concerns.


  • Resilience - keeping 100% focused on a task, learning through making mistakes (short term)
  • Equality - learning from peers, respecting the opinions of others
  • Success - excellence in attainment, excellent improvement in academic progress
  • Perseverance - overcoming barriers (long term), coping well with persistent challenge
  • Enterprise - using initiative, excellence in decision making
  • Creativity - asking excellent questions, solving problems effectively
  • Teamwork - excellence in working in a group, excellent support of others and peers


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