Year 9 Futures Day

Year 9 students visited Bath University courtesy of the Wessex Inspiration Network as part of the National Collaborative Outreach Project (NCOP), which is designed to raise aspirations in young people. The students took part in events that helped them examine their understanding of their strengths and personality types and how this could influence their future careers. Some discovered that they were panthers, barn owls, tigers or puppies. They explored the different learning styles, how this could affect their future learning routes, academic, vocational or work based learning and that the routes chosen are fully interchangeable. The students worked together in small teams to discover more about possible careers and the educational routes into those different roles.

We had the opportunity to interview current students from Bath University, Bath Spa and University College Weston, taking the chance to consider what was different about all of the courses and institutions. We also took a tour of the campus and looked at the amazing sports facilities that are offered to all students at Bath University.  Students came back with a small goodie bag too!