Wellington Alumni Students

On Friday 23rd March, a group of Wellington alumni students re-visited the Academy to share their experiences of work, university or apprenticeships with our current students.

The alumni students boast a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various areas including financial banking, business marketing, catering and sport science to name a few. The aim of the morning was to allow our current students in year 9-13 the chance to ask honest and open questions about what life is like after leaving the Academy. It was an excellent chance to explore the realities of university life, find out what is involved in an apprenticeship and learn from the experiences of students who were at the Academy only recently.

It was a fantastic event that was enjoyed by both the current students and the ex-student returning to the Academy. Alix Williams, former head girl of the Academy, said “It’s great to come back to the school and feel that you can give something back.  I would have loved the chance to talk to people who had left and be able to learn from them so I wanted to come in and share my experiences with the younger students."