Student's First Class Honours!

Here at the Academy we love hearing from our past students and Miss Smith was over the moon when Aimee Williams (a previous Textiles/Photography student) got in contact to share her fantastic news. She has just graduated with a first class honours in Design Crafts. How fabulous!

Aimee first took an interest in the Visual Arts when Textiles was being offered in Year 11 as a short course 7 years ago. She came into the classroom blind, with no previous skills or knowledge because it was a new subject to the curriculum. Aimee took to textiles like a ‘duck to water’. After mastering the various techniques and materials she produced some highly inspiring outcomes in response to the theme ‘The Environment’. After gaining confidence in her new found subject this stimulated Aimee to pursue textiles at A level and she was part of the first cohort to be put through for the A level examination.  

Over the course of two years Aimee’s passion and commitment for textiles grew dramatically. Miss Smith had never known anyone with such a determined work ethic and was blown away weekly with her innovative ideas. Her work not only explored her chosen themes but she stretched and distorted the boundaries between her materials and other mediums such as Photography and Fine Art. This was commended by the examiner who marked her work and, over the course of her career the examiner hadn’t seen anyone use the techniques and media in such a way. Aimee’s final A level show consisted of a large room which explored the theme ‘Inside the Human Body’. Aimee scored full marks across all assessment objectives and obtained a much deserved A grade.

Aimee’s passion for the subject made her do a complete ‘u turn’ and she decided that she wanted to pursue a career in textiles. Aimee applied to various universities and her coursework was so strong she obtained numerous unconditional offers. Aimee took a year out and completed a foundation year in Art and Design to broaden her skills and then embarked on a three year degree in Textile Design Crafts at De Montfort University where she is now graduating this Summer.

Following her career over the past few years, Miss Smith wasn’t surprised to see that Aimee’s final degree show work was selected to be exhibited in the prestigious ‘New Designers’ Design Show in London. Her work is so diverse and it explores and raises awareness on Dyslexia. Here is her personal statement below.

I am a textile artist and dySlExiC. I am inspired by the endeavour required to produce work that is equivalent to, or even surpasses that produced by those without disabilities. I wanted to highlight these differences to RAISE awareness and understanding of the public and potential employees so that the true potential is appreciated.

F o l l o w i n g in my dad’s footsteps supporting charities and youth organisations during my upbringing has made me very socially aware. This has inspired me to research and explore textiles in a whole new light and to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to appreciate art.

If you’d like to see some more of Aimee’s work please follow her instagram page @aimeelouise_designs. It’s fantastic hearing stories like this and at The Wellington Academy we couldn’t be prouder. Well done!