GCSE Results Day August 2018

The academy is celebrating yet another year of strong and in many cases exceptional and record breaking results in this year’s GCSEs and end of Y11 exams.

Students continue to do well in maths with two thirds of maths’ grades being a 9 to 4 (A** to C equivalent). Achievement in English has also improved with 60% of all students gaining a grade 4 and above and almost one half of students gaining grades 5 and above. Both maths and English have seen a significant improvement in pupils achieving the new more difficult grades 9 to 7 (equivalent to A** to A) with 16% of grades in each subject being grades 9 to 7. Over one tenth of grades across the academy, in all subjects were 9 - 7 with a huge 11% increase in grades 9 to 4 from 44% to 55% compared to 2017.

Massive congratulations to students studying Ethics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Further Maths, Sports BTEC, Performing arts for both Dance and Drama, with those subjects gaining an average of 80% at the grades 9 -4-pass rate and pupils making great progress in all. Half of all subjects at the academy improved their 9 - 4 overall percentage by 21%, which is simply phenomenal.

51% of students have attained the equivalent of a C or above (9 to 4) in both maths and English.

We would like to congratulate those students who secured top scores across the board however there are far too many to name them all. These pupils have achieved outstanding grades and made exceptional progress from their starting points at the start of secondary school. Special mention however goes to Katherine B who averaged an A* equivalent across all subjects securing the new very difficult grade 9s in both English language and Literature. A further 5 pupils: Smiriti T, Owen T, Beth Z, Kayley C and Rhys W have averaged a grade A equivalent across all subjects with almost one fifth of the entire year 11 cohort gaining an average grade B and above equivalent across all subjects. This is a tremendous achievement for such a significant proportion of the Year group.

There was also some amazing progress made by a huge amount of pupils achieving average grades above their minimum expected grades (MEGs), based on their KS2 scores on entry to secondary school. Special mention however goes to Alex T, Katherine B, Shauna T, Sajaela S and Owen T who on average achieved between two to three grades, above their MEGs. 13% of all Y11s achieved, on average, between one to three grades above their MEGs. These pupils have embodied our core values of achievement and aspiration. We are however very proud of all our students. In a record-breaking year, 99% of all pupils in the entire year group achieved a grade in the core subjects of maths, English and Science.

Ms Phillip who took over the academy as Executive Head teacher in September is very pleased with these extraordinary results and wishes a very well done to all our wonderful young people. She wants to also extend a massive thank you to the staff who have worked tirelessly with our pupils to achieve these record-breaking and incredible results. Good luck to all our students in their future endeavours.