Coachbright Graduation

Coach Bright is a coaching project where our Year 12 students are trained as coaches and mentor a Year 10 student in a core subject. This has been running for two years now and this year we had 20 Year 10 students and 20 Year 12 students taking part. They met once a week where they completed revision and tasks prepared by the 6th form coaches. They were coached and supported in either Maths, English or an area of Science which they chose at the start of the programme.

The programme ended after 7 weeks with a trip to Oxford University where all students who completed the course graduated with their coach. Students received a certificate of completion and also a written message of support from their coach which was read out at the graduation.

After the programme we found that 8 students in Year 10 made progress in their chosen core subject with one student making 4 levels of progress in Physics and another two levels of progress in Biology and third achieving an 8 in English. It is also a great experience for our Year 12 students who have put together a portfolio of work with evidence, a great opportunity and experience for their CVs.

We will be running the same programme again next year along side Wellington College and hope to see even more success with our Year 10 students in September.