Senior Leadership Team

Mr R Wood

Acting Headteacher

I have been with The Wellington Academy right from the start in 2009, I previously taught at a secondary school just outside of Bath and teach Mathematics. I am married with four children between 14 and 7 years old and we have two dogs – a mad spaniel called Elsie and a much older Border Collie called Mickey. I enjoy cycling and running as well as most outdoor activities and if I didn’t teach my ideal job would be something outdoors, not sure what though! I wanted to become a teacher because having a good education and being able to achieve good qualifications is the best possible start in life for a young person and the key to future success as an adult. As a teacher and a senior leader I am privileged to be able to provide these opportunities for the pupils at The Wellington Academy.

Mr J Willcocks

Deputy Headteacher

I joined the Wellington Academy in March 2019 and teach mathematics, I am also a Year 11 tutor for Hill House and took over as Designated Safeguarding Lead in June 2019. I have been a teacher since qualifying from Bristol University in 1994. I started work in a secondary modern in Bournemouth. I have worked in a range of schools, including comprehensive, Upper Schools, Middle Schools, co-educational and single sex, both in the state and independent sector. In the past I retrained as a Family Law Mediator and started my own business. However I missed my vocation and came back to it. I have had many roles in teaching including those in middle and senior leadership. My family and I live in Dorset on the edge of the Wilshire border. I was born in Great Yarmouth and have lived in Dorset since 1994. I spent time in Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire before returning to Dorset last year to be near my wider family, we don’t have any pets since our dog sadly died of old age earlier this year but are looking to add a cat to the family in August! My son and I co-own a car which we take to shows and run around the odd track. We are always trying to work out what is wrong with it, and fix it! Sometimes very frustrating but we always work it out in the end. I am also a keen cyclist. If I didn’t teach I would without a doubt be a racing driver! I am a petrol head – so anything car based. I wanted to become a teacher because my family have been teachers, and I guess that did rub off! Helping young people is very rewarding and challenging at times, like all of us, I would like to be able to make a difference in some small way.

Mr E Mather

Deputy Headteacher

I joined the Academy in April 2019 and teach Mathematics, I was previously an Assistant Head teacher: Director of Sixth Form at Yateley School, I had 350 students in the Sixth Form and we were rated Outstanding! I grew up near Romsey so a Hampshire native, but went to school in Salisbury for a while. I have a 20 year old cat called Yoda and my hobbies include old cars and riding bikes. If I wasn’t a teacher, my dream job would be an explorer or failing that, a hot-rod builder, but I wanted to become a teacher because I realised that I liked working with people the most!

Mr M Baker

Assistant Headteacher - Assessment & Intervention

Mr Baker joined The Wellington Academy in 2014 as a Geography teacher, he is also a tutor for Year 8, Raglan House and became Assistant Headteacher in June 2019.

Mr R Hopton

Assistant Headteacher - Teaching & Learning

I have worked at The Wellington Academy for 7 years, taking a year out half way through to set up an International School in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I teach Applied Law, Geography, History, Ethics and Philosophy and am a tutor for Year 8, Lyndoch House. You will rarely find me at home, I am often travelling at weekends and during the school holidays to far-flung places around the globe. My role at across the Trust is to develop teachers and support staff to improve the learning experience of our young people. If I didn’t teach, I’d definitely be a pilot – so I could travel for free!

Ms S Middleton

Director of Finance & Operations

Ms Middleton joined The Wellington Academy in January 2019