Wellbeing Challenge 2019

In June, we took part in the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust Wellbeing Challenge, the challenge involves taking on the five steps to wellbeing and providing activities and challenges for each one.

Every step must be evidenced and hash tagged with a photo on social media and the winning school or youth organisation receives a library full of wellbeing and mindfulness books. Over the two weeks of the challenge we have promoted and taken part in 10 wellbeing activities, covering the 5 components which are - #beactive #keeplearning #connect #bemindful #givetoothers.

In week one we kept active with our Spanish boarding students and completed a circuits workout in the gym after school, we kept learning when our staff attended the Education Festival at Wellington College and we gave to others when our staff, parents and local community collected a selection of Prom dresses to donate to Andover Prom Dress Free Rental. Some of our Year 10 girls hosted a Football tournament for local primary schools, bringing our local community together and one of our tutor groups practiced mindfulness with some guided meditation.

The second week saw a balance workshop in Year 10 performing arts, a talk from Survival International about the importance of learning languages and we hosted a community movie night where we showed Avengers: Infinity War in the theatre. We also attended a wellbeing appointment with one of our students and did some mindful colouring and let out a little staff secret – we mug eachother! The kind of mugging we do is, you fill a mug with treats and secretly deliver it to a colleagues desk on Friday morning, then they pass it on next week. No one knows who has it and no one knows who has had it!

Keep your fingers crossed that The Wellington Academy wins the challenge!

UPDATE - 7/4/2019


We will soon be receiving some a library of books about youth mental health, the books are designed for young people to read to gain a better understanding of mental health and how to practice positive mental health!

We will send out details about how our students can access this library in the near future so please look out for this!