Bags of charity

As the end of term fast approaches, The Wellington Academy Boarding House have spent their weekend de-cluttering and ended up with 9 bags of clothes to donate to charity. The students who board at the school arrive with a suitcase full of clothes and then 10 months later, they have shot up another 2 inches in height and filled their wardrobes with all the newest trends. There is always a lot of clothing left over at the end of the year that the students don’t want to take home with them so it is now customary for the students to have a big weekend sort out at the end of the academic year and the Boarding Student Charity Committee donate it all to charity. This year, the clothing was donated to Cancer Research in Andover, Weyinmi in Year 11 said ‘’It feels great to know that we are helping others by not throwing our old clothes away. Getting involve with Cancer research this year has been a real buzz especially after we also trained all year to take part in their Race for life earlier in the year.’’