Teaching the Teachers

Some of our students have been spending some time this term with the Wiltshire Outdoor Learning Team (WOLT), learning archery and more importantly - how to teach archery. WOLT provide outdoor activities for small children right through to corporate team building days, the team came into our school to provide outdoor learning experiences for a small group of our students through the 'Triple E 2 Triple R' programme. Our students spent two terms with the WOLT team and have enjoyed taking part in the programme, the first part, the 'Triple E' is to Engage, Enthuse and Educate the students through various PSHE subjects including First Aid and outdoor activites. When the students completed the first term, they progressed onto the 'Triple R' which aims to turn the students, into the instructors, and learning how to deliver an outdoor session of their own through taking Responsbility, being a Role model and earning and giving Respect.

On Wednesday 17th July, it was our students turn to be the teachers and teach archery to a group of Year 7's and some staff members - they did an amazing job, were very professional and adaptable throughout, correcting mistakes and developing their 'students' technique. The whole team did a great job of teaching the teachers!