Instrument Tuition

The Wellington Academy is committed to raising achievement though music by offering high quality instrumental tuition to students

Why Play a Musical Instrument?

Making music is a great way for young people to demonstrate creativity.

Playing a musical instrument teaches children how to manage information, solve problems, and work collaboratively. It is a good way to make friends and enjoy working towards a finished product.

By participating in our instrumental music programme we aim to:

  • promote a love and enjoyment of music-making through instrumental and vocal training;
  • enhance students’ understanding of musical ideas;
  • provide opportunities for ensemble playing;
  • develop students’ concentration and self-discipline;
  • foster individual talents.

Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental lessons are delivered by a team of visiting professionals and Academy musicians each week. Tuition takes place on different days. Lessons last for 20 minutes and are at a different time each week to minimise disruption to other studies. Some lessons occur during break/lunchtime or before/after school.

Any student interested in taking instrumental lessons should contact their student manager for an instrumental tuition letter.

Instruments you could choose:


Lessons are available on the trumpet, trombone, tenor horn, euphonium and french horn.


Lessons are available on the flute, clarinet and saxophone.

Children who have spent time learning to play the recorder tend to find that progressing to a woodwind instrument is a natural transition.


Lessons are available on the violin, viola double bass and cello.

Percussion - Drum Kit



The piano/keyboard programme at The Wellington Academy trains students in either jazz, popular or classical methods of playing to ensure that they become versatile and informed performers.

Guitar/Bass Guitar

Lessons are available on both classical and electric guitar. Whichever instrument is preferred, students are encouraged to become familiar with a variety of methods of notation and master a breadth of playing techniques.


Voice lessons are a popular choice amongst our students and aim to develop vocal technique, and general musicianship through the study of a range of musical styles and genres