Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is additional funding provided to schools by the Department for Education. There are two distinct streams of funding, each with different aims. Pupil Premium provided for disadvantaged learners is aimed at removing barriers for pupils from families with low income to minimise the gap in academic attainment between them and pupils from more affluent backgrounds. The Service Pupil Premium aims to support pupils from service families who sometimes require additional pastoral support when their family situation makes it harder to focus on their learning.

Strategies to remove barriers for all pupils eligible for Pupil Premium funding

Our main priority is to provide high quality teaching and pastoral support. This will benefit all pupils, including those who are disadvantaged by their economic situation or require support as a result of their parents being in the military. The primary provision for pupils is via the classroom teacher. Therefore, all staff are:

  • Aware of which pupils are currently in receipt of free school meals or have been in the past six years.
  • Aware of which pupils have ever been in care.
  • Aware of which pupils have parents in the military or have done in the past six years.
  • Aware of the individual needs of all pupils.
  • Are readily able to request additional support and interventions for pupils when required.

 Pupil Premium Documents