We are excited to share the details of the Wiltshire Virtual School Games which will be officially launched on Monday 1st June.
There will be 8 different categories of activity – each will have at least 2 challenges. You can attempt all the challenges or just one or two. There will be winners for each separate challenge.
All activities can be carried out at home or school.
There will be Spirit of the Games Awards given to those who have to think creatively to be able to complete the activity.
Age categories are KS2/KS3/KS4/KS5+ Teachers and Parents are encouraged to join in as part of the KS5+ age group.
Information about the activities and instructions on how to submit the entries can be found on their website www.wiltssport.org.uk/virtual-school-games
Please note that all entries must be submitted by 3pm on the Friday of the week the activity was released.