Typical Fortnightly Homework Calendar

Regular setting and marking of homework is a fundamental requirement of teachers at the Wellington Academy. The following is the expectation in terms of time spent on homework:

  • 30 minutes for Years 7, 8, 9 per subject PER WEEK
  • 40 minutes for Years 10 and 11 per subject PER WEEK
  • 50 minutes for Years 12 and 13 per subject PER DAY

Homework refers to tasks given to students by their teachers to be completed outside of their lessons. Teachers are advised that the purpose of homework is to:

  • Consolidate on learning in lessons (e.g. through quizzing knowledge covered)
  • Deepen learning that has happened in lessons (e.g. through applying knowledge learned)
  • Prepare for future learning in lessons (e.g. through structured/guided research and reading)

Students should copy their homework into their school planners, including the date that the homework is due in. To support students, planners are checked regularly by tutors, who are the first port of call if you have any concerns or queries.

Our expectation is that homework is completed to the best of your child’s ability and submitted on or before the due date. To support students, we offer a 'Homework Club' four times each week (Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes and after school from 3.00-4.00pm). Your child’s subject teachers are on hand to help your child should they need any further explanation of the homework set, and can be contacted by email or phone as well as talking to your child in school. Our research shows that students who have a gold approach to their home learning make more progress than those on silver or below.

If your child is struggling with the workload, please work with the school’s teachers and your child’s tutor to find a way forward. Students can put pressure on themselves to perform and so spend too long on tasks. Parents should use the guidance on timings above, and we welcome parental support in the learning process at home.

We appreciate your support and assistance in helping us to maintain these high standards.