National School Sports Week 2020

Welcome to the Wellington Academy’s National School Sports Week homepage.

National School Sports Week is an annual event that celebrates sport and physical activity.
Given the unique circumstances we currently find ourselves in this year’s event is taking place ‘at home’.
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Take on your teachers in the ‘Daily Challenge’, join in the fun on Strava and keep a careful eye on Mr Woodley’s progress as he covers the distance
between the academy and Paris.
Mr Woodley finished at 408.12km on Friday evening, which got him as far as Perrone. Then his back up arrived and George Turnage (in Year 9) and Mr Willcocks helped out and did 101km between them!! So as a group they travelled almost 510km which got them to Survilliers in the outskirts of Paris. Not quite the centre of Paris but a brilliant effort... Congratulations to the team!

Daily Challenges