MFL Language Immersion Challenge!




We are really proud of all the hard work that has been done in MFL by lots of our pupils over the last few weeks...but now for something different!

The Language Immersion Challenge will get you experiencing languages in a different way to normal lessons, and will enable you to learn even more about the culture of your TL (target language) country.

Listen to the radio in the TL (French or Spanish) for 5 minutes 5 days a week for 4 consecutive weeks

Find a song in the TL country charts that you like.

Make use of the radio, television, internet, newspapers in the TL to find 3 slogans for 3 different products sold in the TL country.

Since we're all stuck at home and unable to go on holiday and send a postcard, write an email to your MFL teacher in French or Spanish saying what exciting things you've done to keep busy during lockdown.

Find a recipe online and try it out following the instructions in the TL.

Watch a film in the TL. There are foreign language films on YouTube, Netflix and various other foreign language channels on the internet.

Find a poem on the internet in the TL. 

Find a teenager who is writing a blog in the TL and write some information below about them.

Find a newspaper in the TL online.

Send a text message to a friend in the TL.

Find out about a residential language course that is available for 16 year olds to improve their language skills in the TL country. 

Create a cartoon with speech in the TL.

Change your mobile phone set up to the TL for four weeks.

Write out the household weekly shopping list in the TL. Go online with your parents/guardian and order the weekly supermarket delivery with your parent/guardian(s) and translate the list for them as they order.


Participants will be awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates depending on the number of challenges they complete.

  • Bronze Certificate = 4 challenges completed

  • Silver Certificate = 8 challenges completed

  • Gold Certificate = 12 or more challenges completed

Will you be Bronze, Silver or Gold? Prizes for the best participants!

Your MFL teacher will be uploading your challenge booklet onto Teams starting next week.

Bonne chance! ¡Suerte!