Following on from the success of the first Sub curriculum day last term, our second one is on Thursday 10th December.
This is a collapsed timetable day where rather than the usual lessons students will be based in their Tutor groups for the day learning about a wider curriculum issue. On Thursday we will be exploring Human rights.
Each year group will focus on a different aspect of human rights and the rights of children.
Year 7 - The right to have clean water
Students will be engaging in practical activities as well as learning about the plight of children around the world who do not have access to clean water
Year 8 – The right to play and enjoy their childhood
Students will be learning about those children who are forced into working at a very young age and exploring how our lifestyles can have an impact.
Year 9 – The right to have a voice and climate change
Students will look at role models like Greta Thunberg, before engaging in practical activities including tree planting and letter writing. Students will understand that they have a voice and can make a difference.
Year 10 – When human rights are denied
For older students they will be exploring the impact of Genocide and the consequences of human rights being denied, they will have an opportunity to use art and poetry to reflect on their response.
Year 11 – The right to a future/Careers
This day will be an important opportunity to explore career options, including post-16 options as well as life beyond school.
During the day, all students will have an hour of inter-tutor sport as we launch our termly competition and encourage students to have an active lifestyle.
Students should wear school uniform as normal but will need to bring a pair of trainers to put on for the sports session.