ICT & Computing

Year 7

Students in Year 7 work towards the Academy’s very own Digital Masters Award. This shows they have key competencies in using a wide selection of ‘everyday’ IT applications - word processing, spreadsheets, databases, graphic design packages and presentation software. All projects are taught in a wider world context, which helps students understand the importance of IT in society. Learning how to use this software will also give students vital skills that they will need to succeed in other subjects when computers are used.

Year 8

Students are encouraged to be more creative in their use of IT in Year 8, where the course moves towards Computing. They will design and create games, websites and mobile apps during this year. They will have the opportunity to use more specialist software packages in animation and graphic design.

Year 9

All students will leave Year 9 will a basic grasp of computer programming through Scratch and Python. They can then choose whether this is an area they wish to pursue further. Raspberry Pi’s and specialist software will be used to create code which in turn will help students write games.

Year 10 & 11

ECDL ICT - This is a GCSE equivalent which tests students' IT skills in word processing (Word), spreadsheets (Excel), presentation (PowerPoint) and productivity (Word and Excel). Skill competence is assessed by a 50-60 minute computer based exam.

GCSE Computing - This option subject really gives students to expand their IT skills. They will examine hardware and new software, develop sophisticated databases and gain an appreciation of algorithms. Students will complete 2 separate projects (60% of course) which will see them create their own simple computer programmes.

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Year 12 & 13

In September 2017 we will be introducing the OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical in IT. This course centres around all students demonstrating IT skills, often in a real world context. Students will put together a portfolio of work around units in Employability Skills for IT, Computer Systems, Information Systems, E-Commerce, Project Planning, Database Design, Digital Graphics and Website production.