Your Key Contacts



Mrs Cooper - Service Pupil Premium Coordinator

Welcome to The Wellington Academy. My name is Mrs Cooper, and I’m the Service Pupil Premium Coordinator. I have lived in the local area for over 18 years, with my husband, son and our family dog. Whilst we are not directly linked to the military community, over the last 9 years I have worked at local schools with very high proportion of pupils as well as staff coming from the military background. I’m here to ensure your child’s transition to The Wellington Academy is as smooth as it possibly can be and, together with my colleagues, to provide strong and stable support to both you and your child.


Mr Hughes - Head of Year 7

Hello, I’m Anthony Hughes and I am the permanent Head of Year 7 at the Wellington Academy.  That means that I hand my year group over at the end of year 7 to a new Head of Year and get everything ready for the incoming year group.  My main aim in my role, is to ensure that all students who join our community are

  • Happy
  • Able to build their confidence
  • Able to seek out someone if they need support
  • Able to access their learning and make progress in lessons

I have another role in the school and I oversee Computing and Business curriculum areas in the school.

I am not local as I was born in South Wales however even though my roots are settled in Wellington and Wiltshire I love going back to Wales when I can. I have taught for 19 years now but been in Wellignotn for only 2 years.  Previously I taught in Essex and East London teaching Computing and Maths and some PSHE.  However I have been a head of year in three schools now and I thoroughly enjoy supporting our learners to be able to make progress.

If you have any questions about me – seek me out and ask and I’m happy to chat with you.



Miss Tatlock – Year 7 Student Manager

I am Fiona Tatlock Student Manager, my dad was military so I experience moves every 18 months and attended boarding school (lucky to attend in Edinburgh some great stories).

I have lived in Tidworth for 21 years and love that we are located in the countryside yet not far from a town. I have worked at the academy for the last 3 years, one of my favourite parts of the role is meeting some extraordinary children and being greeted with over 200 smiles every day.



Miss Norrish - Head of Year 8



Miss Tozer - Year 8 Student Manager

Hello, my name is Suzanne Tozer and I am the year 8 student manager. I have worked at the Wellington Academy for over 5 years, as a student manager for KS4 (year 10 and 11). This was after previously working for Barclays for over 30 years in lots of roles.

I have been a student at Castledown (the former school) and all 3 of my children previously attended the Wellington Academy and I am therefore able to support your children from a knowledgeable position as a parent, student and now an employee.

I very much look forward to meeting your children and will support them and yourselves throughout their time at the academy.



Mrs Hadrick – Year 9 Student Manager

Hello, my name is Samantha Hadrick, and I am the student manager for year 9. I have lived in Tidworth for over 20 years and am a Military veteran and an Army spouse. In my spare time I enjoy playing rugby, dancing and reading. I am the proud mother of two boys, Elliot and Freddie, and a rather naughty parrot named Pumpkin. I love working at The Wellington Academy because the energy and enthusiasm of the students is contagious. In my role, I can change the trajectory of a child's life for the better, not many jobs can impact a future like that!



Mr Tidy – Year 10 Student Manager

My name is Richard Tidy I am currently Student Manager for Yr10. I have been with The School since 2019. Before working within the Education Sector I worked within the Motor Industry for 24 years and decided on a change of career. Both students and staff have been incredibly welcoming and supportive since I began and I look forward to what the future holds.



Miss Brosnan - Head of Year 11

My name is Miss Brosnan and I am the current Head of Year 11 at Wellington. As well as being Head of Year, I am also a PE teacher and started my career here teaching PE in 2016.



Mr Bramble – Year 11 Student Manager

My name is Luke Bramble and I am Student Manager for the 165 students at the Wellington Academy in Year 11. I help support this group of students with their daily school experience. I work with Miss Brosnan - Head Of Year 11 - to ensure standards and expectations are high, that students enjoy coming to school and that they are in the best position to achieve their potential, both academically but also in terms of their well-being and character development. I have been with the Academy since September 2019 and enjoy working with the students.




Mr Bissington - Head of Year 12 & 13


I have been at the Wellington Academy since September 2011, joining as a newly qualified teacher before leading Business and Economics and then moving into the Sixth Form team which I now lead. I worked in sales after graduating from Cardiff University before training as a teacher. I grew up and attended school in Salisbury although have links to Wellington Academy as my step-father attended Tidworth Down School which was located on the site previously. I am a father of two young children and much of my free time is centered around family based activities and I also represent a local Sunday football team.


All staff can be found here


The SPSG (Service Pupil Support Group)

Here at the Wellington Academy we are very proud of our service children and their families. Around the school you will see various staff members who wear a green lanyard (pictured below), this signifies that, that particular staff member has some kind of military experience, whether that be that they have served, are/were a military spouse or even a services child themselves. These staff members can be relied upon as someone who understands the uniqueness of military life and can offer an understanding listening ear.

As part of the SPSG we have a communications hub where we will proudly support any child, especially those with parents/carers currently deployed. The students can drop by to have a chat and a catch up and we can keep up-to-date with deployments, training and postings and most importantly the students will have access to IT equipment where they’ll be able to send a message to dad, or maybe skype with mum and send an INTOUCH message or Forces Free Air Letters (FFALS).

For more information about the SPSG please contact Mrs. Bailey.


The Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

We have a very active CCF here at The Wellington Academy, ran by a team of passionate and dedicated soldiers. More information on the CCF can be found here