Ethics & Philosophy KS3


The Year 7 curriculum will introduce students to Judaism and Christianity. Students will be taught the origins of these religions and learn about the nature of God, the impact of Jesus and think about philosophical questions such as ‘what is truth?’  Students will learn about these religions’ beliefs, practices and culture and how these are still important today and shape the societies we live in and how they can impact their lives. At the end of the year, students will learn how to apply religious teachings and beliefs to a themed topic on Animal Rights. The curriculum in Year 7 aims to encourage students to become inquisitive about the beliefs of people across the world.   

In Year 8, students will explore the concepts persecution, prejudice, discrimination and justice. The focus is on our human response to big issues, which shape the world we live in, considering the religious beliefs of others. Students build their understanding from previous topics and apply new learning about Human and Civil Rights.  This leads to a topic about Poverty where students can apply religious and non-religious beliefs and practices as a response to their understanding of equality.  Finally, students are introduced to the principles, beliefs and practices of Buddhism and Islam. The curriculum in Year 8 aims to encourage students to become ambitious in their learning. 

The Year 9 learning journey aims to enable students to embed skills of how to apply religious and non-religious beliefs and practices to ethical issues, British Values and the Environment.  Students learn debating skills, how to analysis and evaluate issues looking through different lenses to understand how society can hold opposing perspectives.  This prepares students to become more independent in the learning at GCSE level. debate and build evaluation skills for those considering Religious Studies for GCSE. The curriculum in Year 9 is designed to stretch students understanding of the world in which we live, enables them to debate, see issues from different perspectives and prepares them well to study any Humanities GCSE subject. 

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Year 7

Intro to Judaism


Animal rights

Year 8

The Holocaust

Human & Civil Rights


Rites of Passage


Introduction to Islam

Year 9


British Values

Religion and Life


Our environment