Ethics & Philosophy

Year 7

The Year 7 curriculum will introduce students to the major religions of the world and will focus on Christianity and Buddhism. It will also include elements of Hinduism, Judaism and Islam.

Introduction to Christianity – students explore the foundations of the religion as well as considering the Christian attitudes towards justice. Buddhism, students will explore why Siddhartha Gautama was so special as well as the impact that key religious teachings such as enlightenment has on followers. In the summer term, students will consider the extent to which animals have rights as well as the impact of war and peace upon society.

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Year 8

In Year 8, students will explore the concepts of truth and authority and consider whether the teachings of Jesus stand the test of time. Students will also discuss the history of Judaism as well as issues raised about anti-Semitism and persecution including the Holocaust. In the Spring term, students will explore rites of passage and the different festivals, celebrations and events that are important to religious followers. Students will also consider the significance of human rights, especially religious attitudes towards upholding human rights. The final term will focus on Inter-faith relationships and will consider issues such as the sectarian violence in Northern Ireland as well as Islamophobia.

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Year 9

In Year 9, students will consider the issues surrounding global problems including poverty and wealth and stewardship of the earth. Students will also consider the extent to which religious conflict exists and the important of having dialogue within human relationships. This particular sow will seek to explain misconceptions about Islam. In term 5, students will look at the impact of the media and religion and will consider whether the media should be allowed to criticise religions as well as the effect of religious stereotyping in television programmes. In the final term of year 9, students will be introduced to Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies and will complete a topic from Matters of Life and Death.

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Year 10

The whole of the year group will be studying Edexcel  Unit 1 Religion and Life. At the end of Year 9, they should have completed Matters of Life and Death and subsequently, will then study beliefs about God and the impact they have on religious followers, Marriage and Family and the importance of religious teachings in relation to homosexuality, divorce and sex outside of marriage. The final topic will be Community Cohesion in society which focuses on the changing roles of men and women as well as the diversity of the UK. Students will complete a mock exam at the end of this year.

Year 11

The whole of the year group will be studying Religious Studies GCSE AQA. Students should have completed Unit 1 (Believing in God, Marriage and the Family, Matters of Life and Death as well as Community Cohesion). Unit 8 - students will study Rights and Responsibilities, Crime and Punishment, Environment and Medical Issues and Peace and Conflict. Students will compete both exams at the end of the year. This is an exam based subject with no controlled assessment or coursework. Each exam is worth 50% of the marks.

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