Faraday Challenge

Last Thursday, 32 Yr8 students took part in an exciting opportunity, The Faraday Challenge run by the Institute of Engineering and Technology. The students started the day being given a brief to design a prototype/model. They then completed an apprenticeship task to build a working circuit. After this, they spent the rest of the day planning, designing and building their prototype. Students then presented their prototype to the rest of the groups. This challenge is a National Competition and groups were awarded points marks based on their design, use of resources, planning, team work and presentation. The winners from our day are still to be announced while the presentations are being judged. The students had a great day being engineers, some saying this has given them an idea of what is might be like to be an engineer, and others saying this has helped to show them how skills can be transferrable. Watch this space to find out which team won the day.