Religious Studies KS4


Year 10

In the first year of GCSE Students start by looking at the beliefs, teachings and practices within the religion of Christianity. This first topic gives students a fuller understanding of the religion, building on previous knowledge gained at KS3, in preparation for the thematic studies topics. Students will then start to cover their four thematic study topics including Religion and Life, where students study the origins of the universe and the value of the world. This will be followed by a topic studying religious attitudes to Crime and Punishment.

Year 11

In the second year of GCSE students will look at the beliefs, teachings, and practices of Islam. Students then go onto complete the thematic study topics focusing on Families and Relationships and Religion, Peace and Conflict. The thematic topics incorporate the beliefs and teachings of both Christianity and Islam.

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Year 10

Christian Beliefs

Christian Practices

Religion & Life

Religion Crime and Punishment

Islamic Beliefs

Year 11

Islamic Beliefs continued

Islamic Practices


Relationships & Family

Religion, Peace, and conflict

Revisions for final exams