Physical Education KS4


It is our intent that all students will go on to study BTEC Sport at KS4 and KS5 and our curriculum is designed to facilitate that progression. For those students not studying BTEC Sport our intent is to instill a life-long love of sport and recreation and show students the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle. It is expected that all students, regardless of pathway, grasp the opportunities provided to them and do so with an outstanding approach to learning.

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Year 10

BTEC Unit 1 Part A/B

BOYS Football

GIRLS Fitness

BTEC Unit 1 Part C

BOYS Volleyball

GIRLS Dodgeball

BTEC Unit 2 Part A

BOYS Table Tennis

GIRLS Badminton

BTEC Unit 2 Part B

BOYS Dodgeball

GIRLS Netball

BTEC Unit 2 Part C

BOYS Athletics

GIRLS Athletics

BTEC Unit 6 Part A

BOYS Summer Rotation

GIRLS Summer Rotation

Year 11

BTEC Unit 6 Part B/C

BOYS Options

GIRLS Options

BTEC Unit 3 Part A/B

BOYS Options

GIRLS Options 

BTEC Unit 3 Part C

BOYS Options

GIRLS Options

BTEC Unit 3 Part D

BOYS Options

GIRLS Options