About Momentum

Momentum is a mentoring scheme to assist the students of the Wellington Academy.

The scheme has been running for nearly 4 years and was formed by two Old Wellingtonians, Nick Cowley and Rupert Taylor. The aim of the scheme is to mentor, and provide work experience, for a select group of Academy leavers. As the Academy develops it is producing talented and qualified leaders. However, it cannot always provide them with the kind of career opportunities that may be available to an OW. The idea of the scheme is to help in any way and we soon realised that, aside from guidance and advice, the most practical help we could offer was access to, and financial support, for, work experience. The simple reality is that many careers can only be accessed if the applicant can show work experience on his/her CV. But there is a significant inherent un-fairness in this system – namely that work experience is generally unpaid and as such it is only students who can afford to spend weeks at a time working for free that can afford to gain the experience. The scheme therefore exists to provide the contacts required to access work experience opportunities, as well as the financial support needed whilst the students gain that experience.

Momentum is now a fully funded programme offering work experience packages to Academy students over the summer that they finish their A Levels, and ongoing support in the years after, as most of them progress through University.

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