Boarding Alumni - Rochelle Wong




Where did you live before coming to boarding?

I lived in London before coming to boarding


Which courses did you study?

I studied A level Sociology, English Literature & Psychology


Did you have any roles in the school or boarding?

I was Head of House in school and a Prefect in boarding


What were your next steps after leaving the boarding house?

My next steps after boarding were to go to university


What are you doing now?

Entering my final year of univeristy and working fulltime is what I'm doing now


What advice would you give to the next generation of boarders?

Advice I would give to new boarders are to be open to new experiences, work hard in school and participate in everything


What are your findest memories of the boarding house?

My fondest memories of boarding were hanging out with everyone in the common areas whilst jamming to music, having movie nights with friends, participating in most of the competitions, winning awards, colouring & baking