Boarding Alumni - Brian Evans





Where did you live before coming to boarding?

I lived in Johannesburg, South Africa before starting at the Wellington Academy.


Which courses did you study?

 I did 12 GCSEs and at A Level I studied Maths, Economics and Business.


Did you have any roles in the school or boarding?

I was the Head Boy of the boarding house in my final year of A Levels.


What were your next steps after leaving the boarding house?

I went on to study a Computer Science degree at Exeter University.


What are you doing now?

 I haven't finished my degree yet, and I'm currently doing a summer internship.


What advice would you give to the next generation of boarders?

I would recommend taking advantage of all the facilities that are available such as the gym membership and study spaces to use after school hours.


What are your findest memories of the boarding house?

My best memories of my time at the boarding house are going to the gym in the evenings with other guys from boarding, and also going on good weekend trips like go-karting and watching an ice hockey game.