Boarding Alumni - In'aam Opesanwo



Where did you live before coming to boarding?

Before enrolling at TWA, i attended a boarding school overseas in Lagos, Nigeria. 


Which courses did you study?

At TWA, i studied Government & Politics, Economics, History and Sociology. I later dropped Sociology in upper sixth as it was my weakest subject. 


Did you have any roles in the school or boarding?

At school, I was given the responsibility of being Beresford’s co-house leader. While at boarding, I was appointed as Admin Prefect. I greatly enjoyed both roles. 


What were your next steps after leaving the boarding house?

After leaving TWA in 2019, I successfully gained admission to the University of Reading to study LL.B Law in October 2019. 

Since my enrolment, I have attained a 2:1 in each academic year, carried out internships at various organisations such as the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, King’s Court Solicitors, Freemans’ Solicitors, as well as a work experience opportunity at the High Court where I was able to shadow a judge.


What advice would you give to the next generation of boarders?

My advice to the next generation of boarders would be to aim high. When i was at Sixth form, I lacked optimism and this made me doubt my ability. From where I am today, I implore all Sixth Formers to have faith in their ability, to aim high, and to put in the work to ensure they achieve their goal. Hard work pays off but one needs to have faith and trust in themselves.


What are your findest memories of the boarding house?

The TWA boarding experience was fantastic. The boarding house ran numerous activities which provided boarders with the full experience. 

My fondest memory however, would be when the boarders were taken on a trip to Wales to go Gorge walking. This was an activity I had never done before, in a place I had never visited. The experience was new, thrilling and filled with memories I carry on till now.