Year 7

Students in Year 7 study the 4 main aspects of dance: actions, dynamics, space and relationships. They have the opportunity to learn set motifs and choreograph their own ideas during duo and group work. They also develop their use of expressive skills and characterisation.

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Year 8

Students in Year 8 study how to respond to a variety of different stimuli to create their own choreographies. They are taught the principles of contact work and are encouraged to demonstrate partner and group lifts. They also broaden their knowledge of different styles of dance and movement.

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Year 9 - Performing Arts

Students study a fusion of dance and drama techniques throughout Year 9, developing skills previously acquired in Years 7 & 8. Students explore what it is really like to work on a piece of theatre that combines several different elements.

In the unit 'Gogglebox', students explore a variety different TV genres and how audiences react to these. Genres include horror, sport, daytime TV and soap operas. Students develop their skills in physical movement (drawing on techniques used by Frantic Assembly) as well as skills in script writing, use of voice and staging (including the use of props).

In the unit 'Top Dog', students are introduced to a piece by Company Chameleon (a professional dance theatre company). This explores the idea of group dynamics within friendship groups. Again, students extend their knowledge of physical movement (focusing on contact and lift work) as well as taking direction from a script and taking the work outside the studio to produce site specific work which is filmed.

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Year 10

In Year 10, students start their study of the 6 professional works. They will explore through both practical and theory lessons 'A Linha Curva', 'Within her Eyes', 'Emancipation of Expressionism' and 'Infra'. They will also start to learn all 4 Set Phrases (choreography that everyone studying GCSE Dance has to learn). 2 of these phrases will then be explored in relation to the duet/trio performance piece. At the end of Year 10, students will use the other 2 Set Phrases as their Solo Performance.

Running alongside the practical work, students will be studying the skills and techniques used in dance to help them prepare for the written exam. Students in Year 10 will be focusing on physical and technical skills as well as understanding safe practice and mental attributes.

Year 11

In Year 11, students continue their study of the 6 professional works. They will explore through both practical and theory lessons 'Artificial Things' and 'Shadows'. They will continue to rehearse and refine their duet/trio performance based around 2 of the Set Phrases and their Solo Performance of the other 2 Set Phrases. At the beginning of the year, students will start working on their Group Choreographies in response to an externally set stimulus.

Students will continue their theoretical studies in preparation for the written paper by focusing on the choreographic process, performance environments and how to write a programme note.

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