Year 7

The Year 7 Drama programme introduces students to some of the basic skills. They develop their creativity and learn about physical theatre and script work. This provides them with a broad grounding in the subject.

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Year 8

In Year 8 the students continue the skill development begun the previous year. They investigate in more depth the idea of characterisation and learn more specific skills such as mask work and stage combat.

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Year 9 - Performing Arts

Students study a fusion of dance and drama techniques throughout Year 9, developing skills previously acquired in Years 7 & 8. Students explore what it is really like to work on a piece of theatre that combines several different elements.

In the unit 'Gogglebox', students explore a variety different TV genres and how audiences react to these. Genres include horror, sport, daytime TV and soap operas. Students develop their skills in physical movement (drawing on techniques used by Frantic Assemby) as well as skills in script writing, use of voice and staging (including the use of props).

In the unit 'Top Dog', students are introduced to a piece by Company Chameleon (a professional dance theatre company). This explores the idea of group dynamics within friendship groups. Again, students extend their knowledge of physical movement (focusing on contact and lift work) as well as taking direction from a script and taking the work outside the studio to produce site specific work which is filmed.

Year 10

Students develop their knowledge and understanding of the basics of drama performance including, characteristics of performance texts, stage positionings and configurations, how meaning is interpreted and communicated, social, cultural and historical contexts as well as the roles and responsibilities of theatre makers. Alongside this, students develop their skills in creating a devised performance to communicate a selected stimulus or idea. Students also begin to study 'Hansel and Gretal' and 'Noughts and Crosses' as their set texts.

Year 11

Students continue to develop their knowledge in understanding of drama through the study of stage and prop design alongside the importance of sound and lighting. Students will create and perform their final devised piece along with the completion of a devising log. They will also learn and perform 2 extracts from one of their chosen set texts alongside starting their study of a third set text, 'Blood Brothers'. There is a written exam for all students at the end of the year.

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Year 13

Drama and Theatre Studies
In the final year of A Level Drama and Theatre Studies the students have to complete two units. The first involves them working as a group to create their own original piece of drama which they perform to an audience of their choice. Their achievements in this is recorded in a 3500 word written response. The second unit is the written exam which takes place in May. For this they must write about a live performance of one of Shakespeare's play and answer directing questions on the set text 'Woyzeck'.