General Studies

Year 10

General Studies in Year 10 is taught by your child’s tutor following a planned curriculum structure:

  • Crime and Punishment
  • Image
  • Modern Families
  • Success and Failure
  • Emotional and Physical Health
  • Personal Development

Year 11

Term 1 – Good Citizenship:  This term looks at what it means to be British and a good citizen; including Government, Diversity and Media Bias.
Term 2 – Responsibility:  This term looks at Human Rights and Responsibilities and how these promote Well-being.  
Term 3 – Online Identity:  This term gives students the chance to practice their examination skills in a case-study orientated sequence of lessons on online identity and privacy. 
Term 4 – Big Brother:  This term looks at privacy in the wider-sense of community and how organisations promote or destroy this.
Term 5 – Europe: In line with the AQA Pre-Release Materials, we will look at and consider the issue of Europe and the E.U. this term in preparation for Unit 1.
Term 6 - Revision

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