Year 12

Term 1 - Law Making:  Parliament, Delegated Legislation, Precedent and Statutory Interpretation
Term 2 - Legal Processes: Criminal and Civil law, Legal Personnel, Advice and Funding
Term 3 - Aspects of Criminal Liability: Non-Fatal Offences against the Person and Criminal Trials
Term 4 - Aspects of Negligence Liability: Tort of Negligence and Civil Trials
Term 5 - Revision
Term 6 - Murder and Manslaughter

Year 13

Term 1 - Offences against Property: Theft, Burglary, Robbery, Criminal Damage and Blackmail
Term 2 - Non-fatal Offences against the Person: Assault, Battery, ABH and GBH
Term 3 - General Defences: Insanity, Automatism, Self-defence, Intoxication, Duress and Necessity
Term 4 - Legal Theory: Law and Morality, Fault, Miscarriages of Justice and Conflicting Interests
Term 5 - Revision