Physical Education

Core PE

The expectation of all students in the PE department is one of hard work, maximum endeavour and making the most of every opportunity given to them. As staff we are very proud of the curriculum we have developed, both in lessons and beyond and we continually strive to develop the PE provision available at the Academy. It is expected that students will grasp the opportunities provided to them and do so with an outstanding approach to learning. This includes being fully prepared for all lessons. Our fantastic new kit is available to order from Stitch-a-logo.

Year 7

In term one of Year 7, students begin with baseline sport testing. This allows the students to demonstrate their skills in a full range of sports. Throughout the remainder of the year students are taught in single sex, mixed ability groups and benefit from having two teachers with them at all times. During the year all students will be taught gymnastics, outdoor and adventurous activities, athletics and rounders whilst the girls will also experience netball and the boys undertake rugby. At the very start of their PE journey at the Academy students study the theoretical aspect of PE, discovering how muscles work, what bones are in the body, what constitutes a healthy diet and what different types of training there are to participate in. This allows students to develop skills that are essential for success on our GCSE course in KS4 as well as being able to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. This continues throughout each year’s core PE.

Year 8

In the second year of PE at the Academy students continue in single sex groups but are now set by ability. Activities closely meet the needs of each and every student and as a result the activities on offer are varied and vast. Skills and understanding in netball, hockey, football, rugby, badminton, table tennis, alternative invasion games, fitness, athletics and rounders are all developed throughout the year. 

Year 9

The core PE curriculum in Year 9 is very similar to the one students studied in Year 8, allowing students to further embed and develop their skills in a range of sports. Towards the end of Year 9 students begin their option process so now is the time for them to decide if they would like to study PE in more detail during KS4. Students with a passion for a range of sports, a commitment to leading a healthy active lifestyle and those with an exemplary approach to learning will thoroughly enjoy the GCSE PE option in KS4 and this option will allow them to pursue careers and qualifications in sport when they leave the Academy. For those that will not choose GCSE PE as an option, they will still continue with core PE in KS4.

Year 10

In Year 10 the core PE curriculum changes and students are introduced to new sports and opportunities, whilst still experiencing traditional team games. Some of the sports students experience include football, rugby, netball, hockey, fitness, ultimate frisbee, volleyball and tennis.

Year 11

In this busy and vitally important year, the emphasis of core PE changes and students now focus much more on participating in a range of sports. Students get to opt for certain activities at the start of each term and as a result the choice of sports within lessons is varied, engaging and very well received. At times we are able to add additional sports, based on students’ requirements.

Extra Curricular

The PE department are proud to offer a wide ranging timetable of activities in addition to our core PE curriculum. Regular clubs are offered after school and students are able to enjoy our excellent facilities until 4.00pm on most evenings. As well as fielding competitive teams for all years in traditional sports such as football, rugby and netball, we regularly compete in rounders, badminton, table tennis, cross country, cricket and athletics. Our teams enjoy great success both locally and further afield.


Students in Year 11 currently take part in core PE; students who chose PE as one of their options (in Year 9) also study GCSE PE. Using the Edexcel specification, in the two year course students will complete a theory exam, a practical exam and a piece of performance analysis coursework that will prepare them for studying sport beyond Year 11.

Students in Year 10 choose either core PE or GCSE PE. Those choosing core PE attend a double lesson a week where the emphasis is on participation and developing skills and understanding within a range of sports. There is no qualification at the end of this course. Students who opt for GCSE PE follow the new Edexcel specification as they work towards gaining a GCSE qualification at the end of the course. The new GCSE PE specification sees students complete practical lessons, a piece of controlled assessment and theory work as they work towards two written exams at the end of Year 11.

GCSE PE is a popular course and our PE specific classroom and laptops are a fantastic resource for us to have. The results within GCSE PE are good with all students able to make excellent progress.

BTEC Sport

During year 9 students make their choices for year 10 and in the PE department they can opt to take BTEC Sport.  In this two year course students will complete a computer based theory exam and coursework for three other units.  Coursework is both written and practical based.  4 units are studied in total and during these students focus on aspects of fitness, practical sport, personal training programs and sports coaching.   

BTEC Sport is a popular course and our PE specific classroom and laptops are a fantastic resource for us to have. The results within BTEC Sport are outstanding with all students able to make excellent progress.  A large percentage of our students at level 2 continue on to study level 3 BTEC Sport in the sixth form.

Year 12 & 13

In the 6th Form students are encouraged to follow a sport as part of their enrichment programme. Our clubs and fixtures allow for 6th Form students to partake. The aim of these sessions is to encourage the older students to participate in a sport as a healthy young adult.

Students in the 6th Form can choose to study BTEC Sport or BTEC Public Services. In both courses students have to pass the first year in order to progress to the second year. We use Edexcel as the exam board for both courses. We also offer a leadership programme which helps our 6th Form students develop the skills required in a number of aspects of life.

Sports Tour

In May of each year the department runs a sports tour to PGL Liddington where students from Year 8, 9 and 10 are able to train and compete in netball and football. In addition to the tournaments, students also partake in a number of exciting activities such as canoeing, abseiling, trapeze and zip wire. The tour has proved to be a great success, for further information and to book a place on this year’s tour, please contact the PE department.