Years 12 & 13

Psychology is the scientific study of people, the mind and behaviour. The Wellington Academy psychology department is well established and has been inspiring students in the field for over five years, with students continuing on to study psychology at Higher Education at a variety of institutions around the UK, including Russell Group universities.

The first year of the course is often student’s first opportunity to study psychology, and therefore a broad curriculum has been chosen to provide students with a taste of all the diverse areas of the subject. Students begin the year considering scientific methods and the importance of rigorous testing and objectivity within the science of psychology. We then move through units of cognitive psychology (looking specifically at memory), developmental psychology (attachment), biological psychology (stress), social psychology (social influence) and finally abnormality and psychopathology, from a range of different psychological approaches.

The second year allows more flexibility within the curriculum. Strong literacy skills are required as students develop their critical evaluation skills and write 24 mark essays explaining, evaluating and applying a range of theories and research. This year we have looked at the following topics in detail; Cognition and development, gender, relationships, phobias and media psychology.

Psychology is a diverse subject with many applications in life. Studying psychology strengthens a wide variety of transferable skills including in writing, reading, referencing, data collection, analysis, debating, presenting and many more. The content of the subject itself also supports students’ wider studies; for example, learning memory improvement strategies has helped students develop effective revision strategies across all their subjects and will continue to help them in later life. This leads psychology to be one of the most complementary subjects for both the workplace and higher education. Any career that requires an understanding of people will be underpinned by psychology. Studying psychology is a great launch pad for future success.