Science KS3


There are 9 synoptic units over the 3 years focusing on big picture ideas. Each of these units have a sub-unit covering biology, chemistry and physics.


  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6

Year 7

Life on Earth
(Cells & reproduction, particle model and energy & solar system)

How to get to Mars
(Balanced diet & respiration, combustion and forces)

Extreme Earth
(Introduction to ecology, acids & alkalis, more on energy including light & sound)

Year 8

(How to stay healthy, Chemical reactions & neutralization, electricity)


Using resources
(photosynthesis & genetics, metals & non-metals and magnetism & heat transfer)

Same problem, different solution
(adaptations & more on organ systems, atomic structure & ions, pressure & more on light)

Year 9

Building blocks of science
(Cells, atomic structure and energy stores)

Climate change
(Ecology, greenhouse effect & use of plastic, effect of different type of energy resources)

Scientific discoveries