The science curriculum at The Wellington academy is designed to create young people who have developed skills to become an effective learner with transferrable skills and an enthusiasm for science.

We aim to:

    • Enable students to acquire knowledge and understanding of the scientific method and knowledge.
    • Provide them with opportunity to practice these skills
    • Encourage students to be aware of the impact humans have on the global environment and the responsibility we have when developing new technology.
    • Encourage students to use data to make an informed decision and to critically question what they hear and read. · Make students aware of the opportunities of the variety of STEM careers
    • Make students ready to pursue the next step of a career in science such as college, A-level or apprenticeships.


Our curriculum is designed to ensure students have ample opportunity to develop their understanding of the scientific method through regular practical work. The curriculum is built on big questions allowing high level of challenge and thinking about the issues at hand. In KS3 we focus on enduring knowledge of science that KS4 then builds on.

They are taught the vocabulary to ensure they can understand scientific texts and the mathematics that is needed to understand and process data they have gathered or interpret data provided from a secondary source. The curriculum has built in ethical and social and economical debates and opportunities for students to make their own judgement based on the evidence and their own opinions.

We arrange external speakers and trips to allow students to develop their understanding of science and to be made aware of the many possible careers links to the STEM subjects. Our students enter national competitions in yr 7-10 and KS5 to encourage enthusiasm for the subject outside the boundaries of the scheme of work.

Please click  for a detailed overview of the Subject curriculum for KS3

Please click for a detailed overview of the Subject curriculum for KS4


We believe our students enjoy science more as evident by almost half the yr 9s having applied to do triple next year. We have students win medals in Biology Challenge for the second year running and regional rocket car competition. Our students are more aware of the STEM careers that are available to them and there has been an increase in students putting down science related jobs in when discussion careers and we have our first medicine and veterinary hopefuls this year in yr 13.

Contact details:

Mrs M Burton - Director of Science

Miss G Chappell

Miss K Cho

Mrs C Frere - Second in Department

Mrs K Hearn-Smith

Ms H James

Ms M Raymond

Ms T Van Niekerk - Head of Biology