Health and Wellbeing

We are committed to providing a holistic education for all our pupils and deliver Wellbeing across the curriculum. We believe it is vital that, alongside achieving their academic potential, our pupils learn skills and have experiences that enable them to thrive and flourish during the school day and prepare them for life beyond school. Our community wide emphasis on wellbeing, together with age appropriate wellbeing sessions equips our pupils to do this. Wellbeing at The Wellington Academy is separated into six strands: emotional health, spiritual health, physical health, living in community, healthy living and preparation for the future.

We have a wide reaching and comprehensive Wellbeing programme

Between joining The Wellington Academy at Year 7 and leaving at the end of Sixth Form, pupils at The Wellington Academy will have received a comprehensive Wellbeing curriculum specifically focussed on supporting and improving their personal development. All teachers at The Wellington Academy are involved in delivering aspects of the Wellbeing curriculum and form tutors also play a major role in supporting pupil wellbeing and development.

Our programme covers a range of age-appropriate topics including; relationships, anti-bullying, mindfulness, British values, financial literacy, online safety, SRE, mental health and careers.

Wellbeing at the Wellington Academy is broad and includes the whole community

The Wellington Academy is committed to promoting Wellbeing, from Year 7 through to 6th Form. This is done in an array of different ways from having an online ‘worry box’ on the school website to peer mentoring run by sixth formers for younger pupils. We understand that a healthy community involves all its members and we seek to enhance staff wellbeing as well as supporting and engaging with parents in their vital role. Furthermore, we maintain strong relationships with our Military community and all the local Wellington schools.

Wellbeing as a concept

In addition to promoting wellbeing through our values curriculum, our pupils are provided with structures and staff designed to support their wellbeing and progress. Heads of year, form tutors and student managers are the first point of call for pupils and parents. In addition, the Academy has a counselling service, first aiders and a school nurse who visits fortnightly offering a drop-in service. Pupils are also supported and guided as they make decisions about their futures by our careers programme, 6th Form team and their form tutors.

All students belong to a tutor group and the tutor is the main point of day-to-day contact for the student and home. Within this they are also part of the house system with every house being led by a member of the senior leadership team.

Heads of Year are responsible for the progress and care of the year as a whole. Each year group also has a non-teaching student manager who is available during the day to discuss concerns, either in person or by phone.

Please click here for info about support available for low income families

Are you feeling unhappy, worried or concerned about something at home, please get in touch here

Here at the Wellington Academy, we understand that our students’  wellbeing is important and that positive mental wellbeing is fundamental to a child’s ability to succeed.

The Wellington Academy strives to raise awareness about mental health and to reduce any associated stigma. We aim to educate our students about the importance of mental health and broaden their knowledge and understanding to help empower them to effectively manage their own wellbeing in making healthier and more positive choices.

Below are just some of the ways that we currently support our students but we are continually reviewing and developing services based on valuable and relevant feedback from our students:

    • 1:1 personalised and intensive support from the Academy’s Wellbeing Advisor. Spaces for this level of support are limited and there are thresholds in place due to such high demand. There may also be a waiting time of a number of weeks before your child can be seen but we will do all that we can to ensure that this waiting time is kept to a minimum. We want to ensure that we can offer a quality service. Where 1:1 support cannot be provided, signposting and referrals to other relevant external organisations will be made to ensure the best possible support is given. Please speak to your childs Tutor or Phase Leader for referral.
    • A weekly ‘drop in’ health clinic run by our allocated NHS school nurse. This takes place every Tuesday during lunch times from 13.00 – 14:00. Individual referrals can also be made to this service by Academy staff for more regular and personalised support. Information is regularly updated on Academy screens in the Atrium
    • The Worrybox – The Worrybox has been set up to enable students to contact the Academy via email if there is an issue which they are concerned about that is making them worried or anxious. The Worrybox can be used by all Wellington Academy students. The Worrybox is accessible via the Academy’s website here and students simply complete an online form. This is then sent directly to the Worrybox team who will pick up and address the issue as soon as possible.

The Wellbeing Advisor works closely with many other charities and professional organisations within Wiltshire and has particularly strong links with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). We support children and young people and their families in completing appropriate referrals. More information about this specialist service can be found at:


We advise that if you are seriously concerned about your child’s mental wellbeing that you request an emergency appointment with your GP. In extreme circumstances, you can visit your local A & E department.

Understanding mental health can be a complex and daunting thing, not only for the child/young person but also for family members and those caring for them. Below is a list of useful websites that can provide valuable information, advice, guidance and support to young people and their families about mental health as well as some free online courses you can take part in: