About Homework

Homework is an effective way of helping students build on their learning from class, become more confident, and develop their independence.  Each subject your child studies will set homework.  This will be set once a week, once a fortnight, or monthly, depending on how many lessons your child has of that subject (the more lessons per week of a subject, the more frequent the homework).  A variety of different types of homework will be set.

You can view your child’s homework on Arbor.  Please visit the Wellington Academy Portal

For help and advice on using the Parent Portal please visit: Your child’s assignments on the Parent Portal and Arbor App – Arbor Help Centre (arbor-education.com)

For help and advice on using the Student Portal please visit: The Student Portal – Quick tips for students – Arbor Help Centre (arbor-education.com)

Teachers will set a date when the homework is due to be handed in.  This will always be when they have a lesson in that subject.  Please use the Parent Portal to help ensure your child knows when work is due.

Homework will mostly be completed in exercise books that your child will bring home with them.  Occasionally it will be completed in other ways but generally it will be in a book.  Please can you help ensure your child has the right books for each day – this is especially the case for our younger students as they get used to their timetables and the range of subjects they have.

When we set homework it is always our aim that it can be completed without support.  However, sometimes students may need a bit more help with it or may be unsure how to complete it.  If this is the case, please ask them to speak to their teacher before it’s due to be handed in so their teacher can help them in time for it still to be completed on time.

We know that homes are busy places, but wherever possible please can you find a quiet place where your child can complete their homework free of distractions – including their phones!

Should you have any questions about specific homework please contact your child’s teacher for that subject.  Where you might have broader concerns about your child and their homework, please contact your child’s form tutor.