Communications Charter

Before requesting information you may wish to check the FAQs page on the Academy website which will provide quick and easy answers to many common questions.

The Academy will commit to respond to your query or concern within 24 hours. The response may be by telephone, email, letter or a meeting.

There are various forms of communication, but email is often the quickest and most effective form in the first instance.

staff list is available on the Academy’s website under The Academy tab. The Student Manager is usually the first port of call for any communications however, you can also use the enquiry form on the Contact Us page. If for any reason you have not received a response, please call reception and report the delay.

If you wish to raise a complaint against the Academy a copy of the Complaints Policy is available here

If you wish to raise a concern or complaint, this can be done by using the concern/complaint form.

The Academy publishes dates for open evenings, staff training and Wellington Academy Parent’s meetings on the website.

Reports are issued through the Parent Portal. If you need support using this, please contact your child’s student manager.

All written correspondence, within reason, will be sent via post and will also be available on the Academy’s homepage under Letters Home.

News summaries and newsletters will be published on our website.

Notifications and emergency information will be announced on the homepage.

Complaints Statement

At the Wellington Academy, we are committed to ensuring equality of education and opportunity for all irrespective of race, gender, ability, religion, socio-economic factors and disability. The achievement of all students is monitored and we use this data to raise standards and ensure inclusive teaching and learning.

We aim to provide our students with a firm foundation which will enable them to fulfil their potential. We seek to eliminate unlawful discrimination. At the Wellington Academy we believe that diversity and inclusion are strengths, which should be respected and celebrated by all those who learn, teach and visit here.

We have a set complaints procedure to encourage a shared approach to resolve issues and to promote a confidence in the school to deal with any issues that may arise. It is important for parents to talk about their concern with a member of staff as soon as possible so that a resolution can be found without causing undue stress or pressures to the families of the Wellington Academy.

The main point of contact for student enquiries is your childs tutor. Please contact them through the main Academy number on 01264 405060, email or write a message in their school planner to communicate. Alternatively you can use the contact us form.