Female Wellington Academy student holding up hand in class environment.

Worry Box

Welcome to the Wellington Academy Worrybox. The Worrybox has been set up to enable you to contact the Academy if there is an issue which you are concerned about that is making you worried or anxious. Most pupils will speak to a parent, friend, tutor, Head of School or trusted teacher if there is an issue of concern. It is always better to speak to someone face to face about something that you are worried about if you can. The Worrybox has been set up to help students who would like to share a worry via an email with the Worrybox Team.

Who is the Worrybox for?

The Worrybox can be used by all Wellington Academy pupils.

What sort of worries might you want to share on the Worrybox?

  • Friendship difficulties
  • Exam stress
  • Bullying/cyber-bullying concerns
  • Home learning difficulties

How do you contact the Worrybox?

Fill in the form making sure that you complete all of the fields: name, email address, your worry and message and then press submit. You need to complete all fields including a working email address or you won’t be able to send your message.